About Us

Little Bugs Family day care is an established Scheme, which aim in providing high quality , flexible home care options for children between the ages of birth to 12 years. Our aim is to assist the development of child to reach their fullest potential.

Little bugs family day care is a government licencedservice, all programmes offered to children are in accordance with the national quality frame work (NQF)

Little Bugs Family Day Care aims to provide children with a safe, nurturing and loving family environment. We believe that allchildren are equal. Children have the right to learn and develop in an environment of constructive guidance and care.

At Little Bugs FDC we provide care options that are tailored to the learning and development needs of each child. Little Bugs Family Day Care supports Australian multicultural society by actively pursuing the provision of high-quality childcare that is affordable, linguistically and culturally appropriate for families from diverse backgrounds.

We believe it is important to provide a unique opportunity for parents from diverse backgrounds to participate fully in the social, cultural and economic life of Australia.

Little Bugs Family Day care educators and families are linkes through a central Coordination Unit which plays a fundamental role in a scheme to manage, support, resource and train educators, ensuring the scheme operates within legislated guidelines. The Coordination Unit consists of qualified staffs that are trained in administrating early childhood framework and management. There are specialized trainers on hand to ensure educators are equipped with the most up-to-date information and resources. The key role of the coordination unit is to support and educate the highest standard of Family Day Care for children. The Coordination unit works in partnership with the Educators to uphold company values, meet required regulations and national standards.

Coordination Unit

The co-ordination unit is made up of

  1. Raheel Anwar/ Director
  2. Ms. Najwa Koueider/ Educational Leader /Certified Supervisor
  3. Ms. Emaz /Coordinator