We believe that:

    1. The Family Day Care service should be flexible and responsive to all families including those with more complex needs.
    2. Support Educators in every aspect of child development to his/her full potential.
    3. Children have a right to quality care environments that offer safety and security, with opportunities to develop holistically - physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, through meaningful open ended play based learning experiences.
    4. Children should experience pride and confidence in their achievements.
    5. Children should be respected as individuals with their own development pathways.
    6. Children should be encouraged to interact actively within their environment.
    7. Collaborative relationships between all stakeholders, which respect family, community, cultural and religious values are important.
    8. It is essential to have an ongoing process of self-reflection and improvement to ensure the best possible service to the community.
    9. Everyone has opportunities for ongoing learning and development.


 "Children should have the best start in life

To create a better future for themselves and the Nation"

Early Years Learning Framework